A mobile, role player game that’s part location-based gaming and part immersive theatre.
Experience a darker side to your city as you take to the streets, to track down criminals and take your revenge, in an augmented reality world, that turns your real-life city into a crime-ridden metropolis.
This mobile role player game (RPG) uses location-based technology and immersive theatre, with Google Maps to convert the player’s real-world surroundings into an alternate, parallel version of their city, overtaken by crime.
The game world forms an active and immersive experience, spatially and narratively, played in real-world locations, mirrored in the game world’s storytelling, as players enact revenge and retribution – with extreme vigilance.
I created this game idea, along with mapping out the structure and game mechanics, as part of a Computer Games Design Module during my ongoing Master of Digital Media Degree.
The game’s overarching goal is to reduce the city’s crime rate by tracking down and taking revenge for a crime committed against a family member or associate. Players of the game choose and build their own avatar, each which its own individual backstory, shaped by the player’s design decisions.
This will in-turn shape the overall goal of the game and the purpose of the gameplay.
While vigilante, shoot em-ups and location based games are not a new concept, the gameplay here will go a step further in 3 unique immersive ways:
#1. Using the player’s real-time location to release criminal targets in the nearby area, that have to be eliminated in real-time;
#2. Integrating Google Maps and Google Application Programming Interface (API) to create locations in the game that closely match those in the real-world. For example a Japanese Restaurant in the game’s story will match with a Japanese restaurant in the real world; and
#3. Players will have to physically walk, chase and run to catch mobile assailants, just as they would have to in real-life.
To drive further immersion and engagement, players will receive pre-scripted SMS messages and pre-recorded phone calls direct to their smartphones, from NPC Characters within the gameworld. These will be from a range of characters including informants, Police Detectives and threats from Criminal Identities. The SMS messages and phone calls will be interactive with a list of multi-choice questions/answers for the player to respond with as part of the dialogue.
As the crime rate drops or rises and as criminals are eliminated, the gameworld’s internal economy releases inventory items, key characters and allows the player to progress through the game’s story.
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